Podelite naš sadržaj i podržite nas na taj način u našoj borbi!

Let me introduce myself first. I am Aleksandar S. (47) from Belgrade, more precisely from the suburban settlement of Kaludjerica. So close and so far from the city. I have been dealing with delivery for several years (10+), but this one I have been dealing with in Glovo never before. I had opportunities but I was not attracted by the financial offer which is always the same or approximate as now. However, when I received an offer to work as a supplier for Glovo, I left CarGO at the same moment (I came back again). Terms I got in Glovo delivery were as follows: 100 dinars per delivery, 25 dinars per kilometer traveled, 5 dinars per minute of waiting, 250 dinars guaranteed hour (if there is no delivery in one hour it is a guaranteed salary for that hour) and a fuel bonus of 100 dinars per delivery if you have 20 or more deliveries a week. That was all offered to me on November 28, 2019. At the same moment, I accepted the job and on December 2, 2019, I started working for Glovo delivery. It was not difficult for me to get used to the system (application, knowledge of the city, etc.). What thrilled me the most was that I was in touch with others Glovo deliverers and immediately felt and experienced collegiality. More experienced Glovo deliverers, without exception, were immediately ready to help, advise, talk, simply a very good folks. Delighted by these things, I very easily accepted the change in working conditions that Glovo served as early as December 5, 2019. They reduced the guaranteed hour to 200 dinars and increased the number of deliveries for the fuel bonus. It was still profitable to work with my car and I didn’t attach much importance to the changes. There was work, I managed to meet the targets (average 33 minutes per delivery, slots with high demand…) All in all, a lot of work was done and it was not a bad income. In the meantime, they canceled, without notice, the guaranteed hours immediately after the holidays. Glovo as revoked some changes without notice. In this text, I will not deal with the everyday problems I have encountered for now, but in a future text (if I am interesting 🙂). Basically, not to lengthen now, 27.01.2020, Glovo introduced the last change that was, to put it mildly, scandalous for me. Not to choke you with numbers, it can be said that everything from the beginning of my work is almost halved. When I started working Glovo presented itself as a part-time job. With the last changes, it was simply turned off as an option. If you want to earn a living you are forced to work 12 hours a day six days a week. This is just a small part of the scandalous policy of Glovo toward his delivery workers. Aside from the fact that it is done without reporting, your car breaks down on the cobblestones of Belgrade, you are forced to violate traffic rules. The only bright spot in this Glovo world are colleagues deliverers. They resist all temptations in harmony with all their differences. This experience of mine is related to working with my car. Colleagues working on scooters and bicycles are exposed to equally great temptations. From personal experience related to Belgrade traffic, I would not dare to work like them. And lastly, the biggest irony is when you email support when they reply sign as Glovo heroes. I have a feeling that with all the torment that the delivery man is facing, they are even more kidding. So much for now from me regarding my experiences in Glovo delivery job.