Podelite naš sadržaj i podržite nas na taj način u našoj borbi!

Some of my methods for not getting nervous:

  1. The best solution is to stop working for Glovo, if possible, and if you cannot stop completely, then as little as possible to work for him, because, under the current conditions, it is pure exploitation (I hope that one day Glovo will earn more by changing that, we are trying 🙂)
  2. When I go out to work I try to be in a state of mind that I only went for a ride, everything else is just a side effect, because that’s how I want it and because Glovo is the one who will pay for my ride around town and enjoying
  3. The previous item falls into the water if you do a lot during the day, lets say more than 6 hours. By the way, 6 hours is a magic number that I enjoy, everything after that becomes torture for me, this is a personal experience, I believe that someone is sick even after an hour
  4. In awkward situations, unfair, etc. with people on the field, you will be happy because later you will have something funny to tell your friends, family, etc .. And anyway, people today have nothing interesting to tell from real life because we all hidden in our computer rooms, etc.… Alienation..... Conversations are mostly reduced to hello, how are you and goodbye
  5. Probably the most important thing is to believe in God that every dinar that had been stolen from you will be compensated, be sure of that and rejoice in injustice because in the end everything must come into balance.
  6. Don't look at things in the short term, but be sure to consider the long-term depreciation of the vehicle you are using. If you do not have enough knowledge to make a calculation, consult someone more experienced (taxi drivers, for example, can advise you well, or contact us for advice, we will be happy to explain the real picture to you in detail). Long-term expenses can easily overrun you and you don't know where you are - especially for cars, scooters as well, bicycles more or less.
  7. Don't expect too much from Glovo support, except to cancel your order when there is a need for it.
  8. Whenever you become satisfied with Glovo working conditions, know that it will not last long 🙂 (this based on previous experience)
  9. To be continued…