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The latest salary changes from jun 25 2020.

We're using this opportunity to inform you about changes that will begin from 6.29.2020. The changes have a goal to increase efficiency, lower down average distance per delivery and provide positive experience both for Glovers and end users. That also means we are stimulating work in high demand hours.

Accordingly, a decision was made to change the structure of the method of payment upon delivery. We emphasize that the structure of payments should be changed, and your existing earnings should not be reduced in any way! salary! 

In accordance with the previously mentioned direction of business we want to go (increased efficiency, reduction of the average km per delivery), we are introducing the following changes:

  • we are increasing the percentage of daily bonuses (every working hour in a day will have certain bonus varying from 10-40%)
  • we are increasing bonus during rain (from current 30%, to 55%)
  • payment per kilometer will remain 25rsd (Serbian dinar) for all deliveries of 6.5 km and more, while for deliveries less than 6.5 km will be paid 20rsd (Serbian dinar) per kilometer instead of the previous 25rsd (Serbian dinar) 
  • reduced percentage of weekly bonus per delivery (we are introducing new payment method)

Example of payment per delivery according to the new and old model, on an average delivery of 4km:


Presentation of the new model and the new categorization of the weekly bonus (weekly bonus applies to cars and motorcycles as before): 

KM < 6,5 km20 rsd
KM > 6,5 km25 rsdWEEKLY BONUS 120+13,000 rsd
WAITING3 rsdWEEKLY BONUS 100+8,500 rsd
DAILY BONUSES10% – 40%WEEKLY BONUS 80+5,000 rsd

We are also introducing a new Recreation model, intended for anyone who fails to qualify for the weekly bonuses. The qualifying conditions for this bonus are as follows:

  1. Delivered 120-170 orders in one calendar month
  2. Not qualifying for any of the weekly bonuses during the billing month

Top 10 Glovers (ranking is based on respect for scheduled hours and the number of canceled orders), receive a bonus of 6000rsd. Below we will show a few examples of the new model compared to the old one:
Primer 1 : Sat u kojem će bonus iznositi 20%

NEW MODELbonus 20%, delivery distance 4kmOLD MODELdelivery distance 4km

Example 2: An hour in which the bonus will be 40%

NEW MODELbonus 40%, delivery distance 4kmOLD MODELdelivery distance 4km

Example 3: An hour in which the bonus will be 10%

NEW MODELbonus 10%, delivery distance 4kmOLD MODELdelivery distance 4km

For the sake of better experience and security in the new model, the Glovo Serbia team provided for all those who in the first two weeks of the introduction of the new model (June 29-July 12) deliver 50 or more orders, a promo code for ordering via the Glovo platform in the amount of 1000 RSD.
In the previous period, the Glovo Serbia team introduced the Ambassador, Retention now and Recreational programs, an electronic tip, all with the aim of a better experience for every Glover.
From all the above, the goal of the changes is to adjust to the growing market demand. 
We hope that by changing the structure (focus on the daily bonus), the changes will make it easier to review your earnings in the application, improve efficiency as well as your user experience.

Wage conditions from January 27, 2020

It would be appropriate to list the current conditions for new Glovo deliverers in terms of earnings and generally some of the most important guidelines. At the moment, the conditions are extremely exploitative and repulsive for anyone who does not plan to work at least 10 hours a day. All this is for the following reasons:

  • until January 27, 2020, it was a condition that you have 21 deliveries per week in order to receive 100 dinars per delivery as a bonus for fuel and depreciation. After January 27, 2020, in order to receive those 100 dinars per delivery, you must have a minimum of 90 deliveries per week, which, translated into working hours, is roughly based on the experience of many colleagues who work seriously and dedicatedly (the best Glovo delivery people). 10 to 12 hours a day and you may have one day off a week. You will agree that this is extremely exhausting and unhealthy for people who work for Glovo delivery, especially since it is not even allowed by law - to drive longer than 8 hours a day! In a word, Glovo thereby indirectly forces the deliverers to self-exploit and break the law in order to feed themselves!
  • Table of conditions for certain categories of fuel and depreciation bonuses on a weekly basis:

Bonus table:

Deliveries during the weekBonuses
30 – 49 deliveries1500 dinars
50 - 69 deliveries3000 dinars
70 - 89 deliveries5000 dinars
90 - 109 deliveries10000 dinars
110 or more deliveries13000 dinars
  • start was reduced from 80 to 60 dinars and waiting for delivery was reduced from 5 to 3 dinars per minute, and all under the excuse that we will therefore get a double start in case of cancellation of delivery by the client, so we will receive 120 dinars for canceled delivery instead of 80 dinars (as before). This change and the reason for it are, to say the least, ridiculous and frivolous, because cancellations of orders usually happen rarely, on average once in a couple of days or a week, and sometimes not once. I see this change like this: I give you a reason / excuse (essentially irrelevant) to reduce your earnings, which I then put in my pocket, simply.
  • for pedestrians they left a bonus of 500 dinars for each completed 10 deliveries per week
  • each kilometer traveled is paid 25 dinars

These changes are the most damaging to deliverers for whom this is additional work and who work a maximum of 8 hours a day or less. On the other hand, suppliers who work 10 or 12 hours a day are forced to work like that indefinitely in order to keep their earnings as before. All this has led to a drastic decline in the number and equal distribution of deliveries between suppliers in the last month, so one deliverer waits 45 minutes for delivery, while a deliverer who has just started working arrives 6 km away, for example in the city center to pick up something at KFC, while the delivery guy who has been waiting there for 45 minutes is not getting the delivery. Strange things have been happening for the last month and a half.

It is worth noting that in the current period there is a tendency for car drivers not to be employed, but to force scooter and bicycle drivers, and pedestrians are also welcome. By the way, Glovo plans to drastically reduce the number of car suppliers in the coming period, from the current 80 or 90% to 10%.